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Tuesday, 30 September 2008 16:48
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New in beta 080920

  • UI tweaks (mystery toolbar icons replaced by menu and dialogbar)
  • Select regions with left mouse button, uses grid snap setting in toolbar (hold Ctrl to temporarily disable snapping)
  • Editing functions: cut, copy, paste, delete, trim. The clipboard used by cut/copy/paste is shared by all instances of AudioTrack within the same instance of Buzz.
  • Zooming (toolbar or Ctrl + mouse wheel) and scrolling (scrollbar or middle mouse drag). Warning: zooming in too far causes high memory/CPU usage, this will be fixed later.
  • Preview current selection with spacebar
  • Adjustable grid resolution
  • Export selection to wavetable
  • Import wav file from disk
  • Send to external editor (edit "Gear\\Generators\\BTDSys AudioTrack settings.xml" to define your editors)
  • Wave data is losslessly compressed (wavpack format) in the bmw/x
  • Display waves in sequence editor boxes
  • Misc bugfixes

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