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Tuesday, 30 September 2008 16:48
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A machine for recording, editing and sequencing audio.

Latest beta version

Buzzchurch thread


Requires a recent buzz build. There's a generator and an effect, so make sure you unzip them to the right directories. The generator is the main attraction, the effect is only required when you want to record.

"Record, you say?" Yep, record. You will need:

  • an "AudioTrack Input" machine with something connected into it (if that something is a soundcard input or something else that has latency, experiment with AudioTrack Input's "latency compensation" parameter);
  • the input machine selected as "Record source" in AudioTrack's rightclick menu;
  • a tick next to "Arm" in AudioTrack's rightclick menu (note that machines disarm themselves when you press stop, and the arm status isn't saved in the song -- this is intentional);
  • a pattern to record into;
  • to press Buzz's "Record" (F7) button.

Things might get a bit strange if you change the tempo or the song position while it's recording, so don't do that. Jeskola Groove 1 doesn't actually change the tempo as far as this machine is concerned, so that should be safe.

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