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Congratulations! Your interest in the works of BTDSys shows you to be a rare and superior class of being.

Development of BTDSys Buzz plugins has well, stopped, mostly. BTD ran off to a better place and we haven't yet persuaded him to come back. We'll keep trying but he claims the weather is better and there's a nice pub around the corner.

Some guy called IX has reportedly been seen picking at the code but you're more likely to see the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot than an update. Well, perhaps not but updates are fairly unlikely. Luckily, the BTDSys plugins still work as well as ever in Jeskola Buzz. Hooray!

Those of a brave and curious nature can find the source code for many of the machines on the BTDSys SourceForge Repository as well as lots of lovely files, many of which are worth downloading.

This site may be subject to occasional updates. Don't be alarmed.


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Contact has been lost. We'll put it back here when we find it.

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A machine for recording, editing and sequencing audio.



Does your CPU support SSE2 instructions?


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